Saturday, June 15, 2019

Snow Formation - One of the Greatest Challenges for IQF Processors

Snow formation inner IQF freezers is strongly linked to the method of dehydration, which occurs throughout freezing and is represented by water loss through the product's membrane when it meets the bloodless air glide in the IQF tunnel freezer.

During the procedure of dehydration, the goods can even suffer a loss of weight. The humidity that is transferred from the product into the air will saturate it, and on the maximum point of air humidity (100% saturated), snow is created. This phenomenon is called precipitation and it is the same as while rain or snow is created out inside the environment.

The fundamental issue liable for the prevalence of precipitation at some point of the IQF manner is the massive amount of wet and warm product that makes contact with the bloodless temperatures within the IQF freezer. After precipitation, the level of saturation decreases and even greater moisture may be transferred from the product to the air, leading to extra weight reduction for the product transported at the bedplate inside the freezer.

Therefore, if snow formation interior IQF freezers is an indicator of product loss and dehydration, how are we able to reduce the extent of dehydration?

First of all, the technique of precipitation and thus sublimation needs to be stored below a particular degree, with the assist of most fulfilling aerodynamics which guarantees less disruption of the air waft and higher air velocity.

In order to decrease dehydration you need to keep away from precipitation and therefore sublimation, have higher aerodynamics (much less disruption of the air float) and higher air speed.

Considering that temperature versions interior an IQF freezer are a not unusual element, snow formation can not be absolutely prevented but, thanks to its superior layout capabilities, the IQF tunnel freezer can efficaciously limit snow formation, increasing the yield of the general manufacturing.

The IQF tunnel freezer benefits of unique fanatics, which can be personally adjusted so that you can ensure the most reliable speed for the best air pace and air strain. Thanks to the coolest control over the aerodynamics inside the IQF tunnel freezer, the extent of air humidity remains consistent and the procedure of precipitation is substantially averted, making sure a stage of product dehydration between zero,1% and 1%.

The reality is that the snow constructing up inside your freezer is product loss, and this is because an IQF freezer is a closed system and the humidity developing the precipitation would not have everywhere else to come back from than from the goods you are freezing


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