Saturday, June 15, 2019

I Won! Or Did I?

I attended a local fundraiser on the metropolis VFW the other day. It was a meat and lobster raffle. The method become to buy a packet of tickets and with that packet, you had probabilities on 3 specific tables of prizes. The price changed into $20, and in my eye, the entertainment become worth the fee. Some of these locals are characters. Tattooed, bearded, nicely-worn cowboy hats have been the norm. Many rode motorcycles.

But it was the table of meats and different groceries set on a mattress of beaten ice that changed into the center-piece. My eye became on that rib eye roast, however that changed into the first to move and now not to me. Doesn't it appear that one table usually wins a glut of prizes? My pals and I watched as price tag after price ticket changed into drawn. None have been matching ours. We groaned as 'that table' racked up some other score inside the drawing.

The first two tables emptied of their items, leaving the final and largest to raffle. In the front line have been three five-pound lobsters - all lively and searching scrumptious. Behind them become any other rib roast, a whole beef loin, ribs and a whole host of different goodies. There became even the funny story present that become constantly final to go. It turned into a piece of cheddar and a stick of pepperoni. And accept as true with me, when you get to the stop of the raffle and there may be no prize sitting in the front of you, you would welcome even that.

Well, it came about. The magic numbers were referred to as and they have been mine. I approached the desk and there had been few gadgets left, however one was a lobster of massive share. I regarded longingly at it however realized that I had no manner of cooking up this behemoth. Recent downsizing had emptied my cabinets of the large pots and pans associated with canning, freezing, and massive circle of relatives food. About to bypass it by means of for the cheese and pepperoni, a member of the membership provided to have their kitchen cook it up for me. It just took a little time to watch for it, so I took them up on their provide.

An hour later (there has been some other lobster to be cooked in advance of me) they loaded the field full of a vivid purple lobster into the trunk of the car and off I went with my prize. At domestic, I looked it over and mentally processed the contents of the critter and a way to use it to its nice. Lobster pie, lobster bisque or just plain with butter... All correct thoughts and there has been plenty to go round. I stay by myself. It turned into all mine!

Having grown up at the seacoast of New Hampshire, I knew how to correctly take in this task. Or so I concept. I hadn't considered that the age of the crustacean intended a thicker shell, and the age of the recipient with arthritic arms and a weakened grip could spell hassle.

I took out the tools of the alternate. Nut crackers and snips designed to go through the hard shell of a lobster, a heavy wood cutting board, a dish of melted butter and I changed into prepared. I took off the primary claw, yanked off the 'thumb', and had at it. My little seafood fork eliminated that morsel in the thumb and down that went with a dip in the melted butter. The claw become big. My nut crackers couldn't even get a grip at the easy shell. So, a traditional seafood muncher, I took the bottom of my hand and gave it a whack. YOW! It took handiest one whack to teach that lesson. Next up became a hammer. I took a swing, and it bounced off the shell! After several extra tries, the result became a hole within the shell in an appropriate form of the top of the hammer. Worse than that, with every whack, the open stop of the claw shot out a blast of juice. I changed into so reason on cracking the shell that I overlooked the reality that the dwelling room vicinity became turning into showered with lobster drippings. I have a mixture kitchen/residing/dining room and never considered having issues of this kind.

Eventually, I were given the beef out of that claw and had to move on to the knuckles, body and different claw. The tail changed into controlled with the snips carried out to the underside, so an clean stop to the task. It took me all afternoon. By that time, the beef became cold and unappetizing, the butter congealed. It all went into the fridge for some other day.


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